2024 March 14 • 18:30

18 € / 15 € (early sale: 16 € - 14 €)

Main Theatre

Language: Spanish - Subtitle: English - 80 minutes

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Isabel has spent twenty years living miles from the village where she was born, far from her family, her roots, her upbringing. Her mother, Amparo, falls ill, and Isabel returns home to help care for her, and to give her sister Candi and her father a breather, since they do live there and deal with the daily responsibilities. All of a sudden, the house, the smells, sounds, objects, light… teleport Isabel to her childhood, her adolescence, her dreams, roots, traumas, beliefs, future plans, loves… Fantastical memories, like all memories of childhood, blending what happened, what you believe happened, what you would like to have happened and what people tell you happened. And magic appears, a baby cries within its mother's belly, a blind man can see colours and music. Children are born with a Gift, a first love smells of clean clothing, obsessions are dispelled with vinegar, and as always, light and shade flood in.

The past allows us to understand the present and the importance of learning to speak, listen, express, forgive, release…

Performers: Sara Cozar/Sandra Ferrús, Martxelo Rubio, Aizpea Goenaga, Dorleta Urretabizkaia/Vito Rogado, Ana Pimenta/Olatz Beobide. Text, direction: Sandra Ferrús. Translation: Aizpea Goenaga. Assistant Director: Kepa Errasti. Directing support: Concha Delgado. Music: Iñaki Salvador. Guitar: Angel Unzu. Sound scape, costumes: Elisa Sanz. Lighting design: David Alcorta. Graphic design: Javi Alonso. Audiovisual design: Gheada Estudio Audiovisual. Production direction: Ana Pimenta. Executive production: Monika Zumeta. Photography: Manix Diaz de Rada. Technical management: Iñigo Lacasa. Administration: Izaskun Imizkoz. Graphics: Antza Comunicación Gráfica.