2024 March 11 • 20:30

24 € / 20 € / 15 € (early sale: 22 € / 18 € / 14 €)

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

95 minutes

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Following on from André y Dorine and Solitudes, the Kulunka Teatro company once again opt for the silent language of masks in a show that combines both tenderness and brutality.

Forever tells the story of a family who find their dreams gradually slipping away. Reflecting with humour and irony the paradoxes of love, it focuses on such themes as motherhood, education, disability and lack of communication.

Forever is a merry-go-round on a rotating platform, the Ferris wheel of life. But also a spiral which, as it rotates, dives deeper into the protagonists' drama. A beautiful and profound tragicomedy born out of the gap between our future expectations and reality itself. 

Forever is a coproduction by Kulunka Teatro with the Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN), Teatro Arriaga in Bilbao and Teatro Victoria Eugenia in San Sebastian. 

Dramaturgy: Edu Cárcamo, José Dault, Garbiñe Insausti, Iñaki Rikarte. Direction: Iñaki Rikarte. Cast: Edu Cárcamo, José Dault, Garbiñe Insausti. Staging: Ikerne Giménez, Javier Ruiz de Alegría. Lighting: Javier Ruiz de Alegría. Costume design: Ikerne Giménez. Mask design and creation: Garbiñe Insausti. Musical composition and sound scape: Luis Miguel Cobo. Stage building: Readest Montajes. Tailoring: KKUM. Executive production: Kulunka Teatro. Assistant Director: Alberto Huici. Technical management: La Cía de la Luz S.Coop.Mad. Distribution: Proversus, Portal 71. Press: María Diaz. Production: Centro Dramático Nacional, Kulunka Teatro, Teatro Arriaga, Teatro Victoria Eugenia. Poster design: Isa Bisset