2024 March 14 • 20:30

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Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

60 minutes

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© Andrea Macchia

This work forms part of a feminine trilogy comprising Vertigine di Giulietta, Gelsomina Dreams and Effetto Marilyn.

Gelsomina Dreams is a clear homage to the conceptual world of Federico Fellini in the centenary of his birth. Accompanied by cello, trumpet, voice and electronic music, the performers express themselves within a suspended and timeless setting that suggests a film set abandoned somewhere in Fellini's memory. 

A space full of light and forgotten stagings, skeletons of utilitarian structures and scenic objects evoking Fellini's mythical and profane conceptual landscape. There is also room in this setting for instruments such as a barrel organ and a delightful carillon by Eugenio Guglielminetti, sampled and played on stage. 

Gelsomina Dreams fuses the idioms of theatre-dance and live music, and even reinterprets tunes by the great Nino Rota, alongside elements from contemporary circus, in a coherent and authentic quest, characteristic of Caterina Mochi Sismondi's creations. 

Direction: Caterina Mochi Sismondi. Creation and performers: Elisa Mutto, Alexandre Duarte, Vladimir Ježić, Ruairí Mooney MacCumascaigh, Michelangelo Merlanti, Ivan Ieri. In partnership with: Nina Carola Stratta, Paolo Stratta, Carlos Parra Zavala. Lighting design: Massimo Vesco. Original music, sound design, cello: Beatrice Zanin. Original music, violin, trumpet, electronic: Nicolò Bottasso.  Música: Georges Serge Gainsbourg, Ivanovitch Gurdjieff, Casimir Oberfeld, Charles-Louis Pothier, Nino Rota, Albert Willemetz. Fónica: Andrea Ruta.  Costumes: Federico Bregolato, Carla Carucci. Photography: Andrea Macchia. Production: Centro Nacional de Producción blucinQue Nice. Collaboration: Fondazione Cirko Vertigo. Inspirational text Poesías de Luis Borges. Inspirational images: The cinematographic world of Federico Fellini.