2024 March 13 • 9:15

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Sala Intxaurrondo

Language: Spanish - 75 minutes

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In the early 20th century, freak shows were a huge success, with the public paying to see "monstrous creatures".

Now one of these creatures, Mary, advertised as "the ugliest woman in the world", and the bearded woman, take to the stage again to tell their story, to reveal to us that they were women who laughed and enjoyed life, who had desires and aroused passions.

Historical figures, strange individuals and the performers themselves take turn to speak of beauty, both apparent and concealed. A show about the beauty that remains unseen, about people who look at others without seeing them, about difference and equality.

Performers: Begoña Martín Treviño,  Raúl Camino. Text: Raúl Camino. Direction: El mono habitado.