2024 March 11 • 13:30 + 14:00

Kutxa Fundazioa (4 floor, Tabakalera)

20 minutes


Only with credentials

La Declamación Muda is a project by Melania Olcina Yuguero in collaboration with the trombonist Jorge Moreno, opting for live music in which the soundscape intervenes, aiming to incorporate the musician and his instrument as a fundamental part of the choreographic material.

The piece seeks out the relationship between the acoustic vibrations of a wind instrument and the body affected by its aerial dynamics. And so the dreamy ear listens to the intimate, unformulated and purely aerial voice. To begin with, the piece explores the intimate rhythm of breathing as the source of movement and trigger of a musicality that is constantly renewed each time we breathe in and out. It starts with breath as the first phenomenon after silence, intimately manifesting the proximity between breathing and air. Respiration connects with the depth of our intimate being, with aerial being in motion. The piece is a journey, an itinerary connecting our intimate and profound self through the expression of the different suggestions of air, such as: a sigh, blow, breath, puff, breeze, wind, mist, draft, zephyr, flow, gust, gale, hurricane, whirlwind, cyclone, tornado, twister, storm, typhoon.

Idea, choreography, performance: Melania Olcina. Musical composition, performance: Jorge Moreno del Barco. Sound design: Iñaki Ruiz Maeso. Costumes: Marisa Maggi. Lighting design: Pilar Valdelvira. Distribution: Lola Ortiz de Lanzagorta (New Dance Management). In partnership with: Centro Coreográfico de Danza Canal, Pinto Local Authority, Compañía Sharon Fridman, Torrelodones Local Authority