2024 March 14 • 9:30

15 € (early sale: 14 €)

Sala Intxaurrondo

Language: Spanish - 80 minutes

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© Son Aoujil

A new offering from the Khea Ziater company, marking a further step in their pursuit of codes
of relationship between theatre and cinematography.

La sed del minotauro speaks of antiheroes, of hard-pressed and somewhat desperate beings, who face the
fear they feel at losing the battle to conquer their happiness. It speaks of resilient men and women with great heart. It all takes place in a small café-bar in some cold setting. Customers enter and leave the premises, seeking love and fleeing a world that barely gives them a thought. But today is not just any night. Today is a night of great events.

Cast: Jon Ander Urresti, Ainhoa Artetxe, Leire Ucha,Arrate Etxeberria, Txubio Fdez. de Jaúregui. Texts: Jon Gerediaga, Alex Gerediaga. Staging, costumes: Azegiñe Urigoitia. Lighting: Oier Ituarte. Videos: Jesus Pueyo.  Stage, projections: Javi Andraka. Sound: Ibon Aguirre. Photography: Son Aoujil. Poster design: Aritz Merino.  Product assistant: Elena Galdiz, Leire Ucha, Graciela Doniz. Production, distribution: Khea Ziater. Dramaturgy, direction: Alex Gerediaga.