2024 March 12 • 18:30

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Main Theatre

Language: Spanish - 85 minutes

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Macho Grita is a musical comedy which takes the legend of Don Juan as the starting point for an exploration of the relationship between our present and the cycle that began with the year 1492. A personal approach to the "Reconquest", the "discovery of America" and the expulsion of the Jews and converted Moors, reflecting with humour on how this territory created its concept of the "Macho".

Born out of a desire to venture into the invisible (or deliberately concealed) history of Spain, with the slight hope of understanding things of use in our life today, when the desire to dominate and the urge to despoil what our societies have built threatens to finish us off. 

Macho Grita is a coproduction of the Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico and EQM.

Dramaturgy and direction: Alberto San Juan. Performer: Alberto San Juan. Musicians: Pablo Navarro, Gabriel Marijuan, Miguel Malla, Claudio de Casas. Lighting: Raúl Baena, Eduardo Vizuete. Costumes, staging: Alberto San Juan. Assistant Director: Carlota Gaviño. Production Assistant: Lucía Rico. Executive production: Joan Fernández