2024 March 13 • 11:00

15 € (early sale: 14 €)

Gazteszena (Egia)

50 minutes

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Stroboscopic lighting is used during this show.

What can we believe in as we attempt to deal with the emptiness of our 21st century?

SHINE uses the model of self-slavery to address the objectification of the body, the addiction to hedonism, short-termism and the constant pursuit of escape.

A desperate rite in search of lost faith.

How to shine when we can no longer believe in ourselves?

SHINE explores the idea of ecstasy and martyrdom of the body as an obsolete element in the turbo-capitalist society we find ourselves in. Intoxicated by the deafening tumult of techno music and the darting movements of those who march in pursuit of something to believe in, eight bodies give in to the triumph of ecstasy, as the essential drug to navigate a world with no empathy, addressing the choreography imposed by our present: the adoption of new rituals, of certain accelerated cults and invented religions.

SHINE aims to depict the limbo-society in which we try to define our spirituality, abiding by the dictates of everything-now-already. The performers dance in bipolarity, ravaged by the depression that comes from the past, and the anxiety that will arrive from the future. In search of a faith which, like the full moon, mobile phones cannot photograph.

An opportunity to dance the emptiness that has taken hold, like a wound, in the breast of each of us. The last hope of finding the lost brilliance of our self-imposed crown of thorns.

Idea and artistic direction: Judith Argomaniz. Choreography: Judith Argomaniz in collaboration with the performers. Dramaturgy: Judith Argomaniz, Puy Barral, Fernando Epelde. Asistent: Garazi Etxaburu. Performers: Jone Amezaga, Ángela Arrieta, Puy Barral, Seth Buckley, Mikel Casal, Garazi Etxaburu, Ioar Labat, Leire Otamendi.  Voice and text: Puy Barral. Musical creation: Fernando Epelde. Costume design and tailoring: Xabier Mujika. Lighting design: Javier Ruíz de Alegría. Photography, video: Renata L. ETANOWSKI.  Scenography creation: Alberto Huici. Technical direction and tour support: Acronica Producciones.