2024 March 12 • 16:30

15 € (early sale: 14 € )

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia (Dance room)

Language: Spanish - 70 minutes




Notice: march 13

Tickets will be returned starting March 13 through the same sales channel through which they were purchased.


To be or to appear? 

UNA is a free version of Luigi Pirandello's novel One, None and a Hundred Thousand. A novel of "decomposition of personality", as defined by the Sicilian Nobel prizewinner. 

The confirmation of a physical detail that is in itself insignificant, is converted into a unique and disturbing event to analyse the doubts of existence, our beliefs, the role we choose to take on or that was imposed on us. 

Who am I? Who are we? How do others see us? How do I see them? How many characters are we?

Abandoning the hundred thousand masks to put on just ONE. But beneath the transformation there lies a risk: in the search for one, we may find none.

Cast: Miriam Odorico. Dramaturgy, direction, photograpy,lighting design: Giampaolo Samà. Costumes: Julio Suárez. Production: Perbacco.