2024 March 11 • 18:30

15 € (early sale: 14 €)

Sala Intxaurrondo

Language: Basque - 75 minutes

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Aitziber has won a trip for four people to a Caribbean resort, in a supermarket prize draw. The guests are: Olatz, his partner; Ilargi, a friend of Aitziber and Olatz; and lastly, Ekaitz, Ilargi's friend, a last-minute invitation after the latter discovers that her boyfriend has cheated on her. Sólo hasta mañana adopts a comic perspective, without ever losing sight of the emotional angle, in considering open relationships and new ways of understanding sexuality. Will our relationship last forever, or only until tomorrow? 

Love takes on different forms in the play, depending on who feels it. The characters, their insecurities, their faults and their truth drive a story which greatly resembles the experiences that anyone sitting in the stalls might have had. Questions take on force, and responses disappear, leaving the audience's own experiences to provide the answer. We have laughter and tears, music and silences that speak volumes. We have a journey to the outside and a journey to the inside. But above all we have a group of people ready to live life as if it might last ONLY UNTIL TOMORROW. 

Director: Gorka Mínguez. Author: David Caiña. Translator: Kepa Errasti. Cast: Lorea Intxausti, Nerea Elizalde, Albar Cirarda, Mikele Arizkorreta. Production: Erre Produkzioak. In partnership with: Teatro Arriaga Antzokia. Distribution: Erre Produkzioak