2024 March 11 • 12:00 + 17:00

15 € (early sale: 14 € )

Victoria Eugenia Club

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© Gerardo Sanz

This show brings together the finalists and winners of the Burgos & New York International Choreography Competition 2023. 

Meet You In The Navel (Italy) 

People tend to design geographical locations as meeting points with other humans. But what if the meeting took place within our bodies instead? And what if we could say: which part of the body shall we meet in? 

This idea of interconnected parts of the body, communicating and touching one another emotionally, served as the springboard for my creation "meet you in the navel", a brief history of romanticism and addiction. At the specific location where the connection takes place, a link is created and leaves its mark, a magnet capable of attracting and reactivating that moment time and again. People would have the security of always being close to someone and never alone, but with the risk of being trapped in a past which links them like a cord that takes hold and draws strength in their dependence. 

Choreography: Brian Scalini. Performers: Brian Scalini, Camilla Bizzi. Music: Klass, Tom Ashbrook 

...De donde vengo (...Where I Come From), Spain

Why return if I know where I come from? Perhaps I have a vague hope of finding that something has changed… Although the true question would be whether I am not really living the same experience the whole time… 

Choreography: Indalecio Séura. Performer: Yuan Tao. Music: Path 5, Max Richter

El síndrome de la constancia (Constancy Sydrome), Cuba

Coming from a place (Cuba) where the word "resilience" is and must be a constant thought in order to get ahead, prompts reflections on how emotionally strong we must become so as not to give up the attempt halfway. We need to self-induce the suffering of persistence, of perseverance. That made us eternal carriers of constancy syndrome. 

Choreography: Miguel Alvarez, Javier Peláez. Performers: Miguel Alvarez Campos, Javier Peláez Faure, Glenda María Sánchez Quintana, Enmanuel Sardiñas Rodriguez. Music: Possible, The Path, Zoë Keating