2024 March 13 • 18:30

18 € / 15 € (early sale: 16 € - 14 €)

Main Theatre

Language: Spanish - 75 minutes

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© Francisco Collado

A post-apocalyptic landscape. Two men in the solitude of a devastated world. A corrosive, intelligent, acerbic and reflective text. A dystopia in which the interplay between the two characters represents the desires, thoughts and doubts of humanity. A reflection on power, human finitude and the different disguises we adopt to face up to nothingness. And however impossible it might seem, interspersed with passages of pure comedy. 

Nada ni Nadie. Tragicomedia en el poder en el fin de los tiempos  presents us with a world which might seem distant, but perhaps not so much… Mat and Pit clash, play, remember, pray… they are the only two left.

Between the earth and sky, the desert which is now their home and a dangerous cloud which torments them… What remains? Who remains? 

Nada ni Nadie. Tragicomedia del poder en el fin de los tiempos is a coproduction by María de Melo Producciones and Consorcio Teatro López de Ayala for the Badajoz International Festival of Theatre.

Text: Jesús Lozano. Direction: Jesús Peña (Teatro Corsario). Performers: Jesús Lozano, José Antonio Lucia. Lighting design: Luis Perdiguero. Lighting assistant: Juan José Hernández Trigueros. Sound scape: Álvaro Rodríguez Barroso. Stage design: Inma Cedeño. Costume design: María de Melo Collection. Staging: Talleres El Molino. Video: Visto y no Visto Producciones. Lighting, sound technician: Nuria Prieto. Photography: José Bayón, Francisco Collado. Distribution: Inma Cedeño, Arrasa Producción & Distribución. Production: María de Melo Producciones and Consorcio Teatro López de Ayala.